Advantages - Purchaser

Benefit for purchaser

Sourcing time

In order to get your required material or services right in time, it needs an effective and efficient sourcing process! SPLYZER supports you with a high degree of automation in every step and by requesting all potential manufacturers and service providers simultaneously.


Optimization of the supply chain is fundamental to stay competitive and future oriented on the market. SPLYZER shows you all offers according your needs to achieve your desired price-performance ratio.


SPLYZER gives you the agony of choice in making business with suppliers by requesting all of them at once. Select the most suitable offer from all potential business partners and get more diversified in your suppliers base.

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Your advantages by using SPLYZER

Quick and easy market enquiry

Request the worldwide manufacturing and service market with minimum effort.

Shorting your sourcing times

Delivery right in time – even for short requests with the speed up option “Urgent SPLY".

Flexible - SPLYZER will match your needs

Select the combination of delivery time, price and quality that suits your needs best.

Flexible costs

Select the price model which fits your companies demand most – Free or Basic – and experience a wide range of upgrade possibilities

High degree of automation

SPLYZER supports you in focusing on what matters - your core competencies. We automate all secondary activities.

Trusted partner network

Be maximum confident for businesses with new partners by SPLYZERs trusted business network through a rating system.

eProcurement - think purchasing new

Boost your organization efficiency with the help of eProcurement. Try out SPLYZER for free and be amazed how we support your eProcurement process – think purchasing new.